Interactive Cooking Class – Art of Making Tortillas with Chef Alma

July 20 | 5:00pm - 8:00pm

1615 Paradise Meadows Ln (Map)

Join us for a fun and interactive tortilla-making class with Chef Alma at our very own Briarwood Cottage at the ONX Estate. Chef Alma Ayón, originally from Mexico, will teach a fun class which will involve making tortillas using three different types of corn masa (flour): Blue, Red, and White. This class will be hands-on and will focus on making tortillas from scratch. The ultimate goal will be turning them into a delicious meal at the end of class. You will be making tacos, quesadillas and ‘tetelas’. You will also learn how to make three different salsas: Verde, Roja, and Pico de Gallo. Who doesn’t love the aroma of fresh, hand-made corn tortillas? The product used to make the tortillas will be from Masienda, a 100% single-origin heirloom corn flour from Oaxaca. You will have an opportunity to participate in making all the components of a dish. And if you have never enjoyed tacos or quesadillas with wine, then you are in for an amazing treat. While you keep one hand in the masa, you may want to have the other one free to hold a glass of delicious ONX wine.


– Saturday, July 20th at 5pm

– Briarwood Cottage at the ONX Estate

– Ticket Price: $125, Price includes a take home tortilla making kit of your own!

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