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It’s our largest ONX bottling of the year, 14 wines in 3-days. To prepare, Drew and team have been revisiting the wines and tinkering a bit. Check out below to hear from him firsthand what they’ve been working on.

Image of Winemaker Drew Nenow

April Update from Winemaker Drew Nenow

This week, our winemaking team put our heads together for some fun tasting trials for a few of our blends, the purpose of which was to ensure we’re hitting the mark in terms of consistency and quality. We are coming up on one month until our largest ONX bottling of the year which will consist of 14 different wines over a 3-day period.

Some of these are extended barrel-aged wines from 2020, but the majority of the run is our Cuvées and single-varietal wines from the 2021 vintage. Leading up to each and every bottling, we take the time to carefully inspect each wine and make adjustments if necessary. This a great reminder that wine is a living and progressive thing that develops over time in the cellar, and sometimes a little course correction and fine-tuning are required.

After tasting through the line-up, my takeaway is that there is a lot to look forward to in the future!

Winemaker Drew Nenow