Tracing Paper

VarietiesTempranillo 100%
VineyardONX Estate Vineyard
AppellationTempleton Gap

An intricately woven tapestry of white perfumes and tropical overtones, with just a pop of citrus that occupies both floral and fruitful spaces. White peach and juicy pineapple compete with honeysuckle and white Gerpoms for dominance. There is a sharpness about the fruit, yet still a ripeness that provides balance, and a overture of floral perfumes that tie it all together. Most apparent to me is an orange blossom essence that brings me back to Springtime in my childhood, growing up amongst citrus groves in Southern California. The wine hits the palate softly with less acid and more flavor focus. Juicy mango and guava intersect with a steely lychee note that fold into deeper flavors of dragon fruit and Bosc Pears. The moderate acidity allows for a slight weightiness that distributes flavors to all corners of the palate before a crescendo of acid builds into a stern finish.