Fiery Nights MAGNUM

VarietiesSyrah 96%, Viognier 4%
VineyardONX Estate Vineyard

The pinnacle of our red winemaking portfolio, Fiery Nights is a hand selected, small production wine that is comprised of our highest rated Syrah lots from any given vintage. But pomp and circumstance aside, this wine internally has become a key measuring stick and a focused look into the quality and character of a particular vintage for us. Syrah's ability to mold and express based on its environment, even year to year as opposed to location to location (which it does marvelously as well), make it the first place we look when trying to put a vintage into a proverbial box. And to that point, the showy, drink-young character that we've noticed in wines from 2019 is most apparent here. This has much to do with the growing conditions of the vintage, but was made ever more ready for young consumption by additional time in barrel before bottling (28 months in total, accelerating the aging process in an effort to make the wine more approachable at the time of release). There is continued and sustained value in bottling a wine that can lay down and age, and we will likely add this feature with future vintages of this wine, but for now, we are enjoying the ability to pour and sell a wine that is truly thriving upon release.